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Compact VHS-C Tapes Transferred to DVD
or to a Portable Hard Drive

Close and Convenient to all of Tampa Bay including Clearwater,
St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota

VHSC Transferred to DVD or Hard Drive

The VHS-C format was introduced for the compact camcorders in the early 1980s. This smaller version of the VHS could be played in a standard VCR with an adapter (as shown below). The convenient size of the VHS-C had identical video quality as the Video8, but with a shorter run time. A few VHS-C and S-VHS-C camcorders remain available for consumer purchase by JVC.

Eventually, old movies, photos and records can become damaged. Old equipment can destroy brittle images. The sharp teeth from your old projector can tear the film or cause the film to jamb. The hot, high powered bulbs can and will burn the film. (It is recommended that you avoid using this old equipment if it has not been maintained properly.)

VHS-C Adaptors

How to Store Your VHS, VHS-C and Video Tapes

  • Never break open the plastic cassette case or touch the tape unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not store your tapes in temperatures that exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Do not store your tapes where the humidity can exceed 20% to 30%.
  • Avoid storage with a southern exposure.
  • Keep all tapes in their original outer case or box.
  • Avoid dusty locations.
  • Never store your tapes near your Television set. Magnetic fields produced by your television will destroy your tape.
  • Never store your tapes in your car.
  • Be sure to label each tape with a subject or title as soon as they are recorded.
  • Avoid advancing your tape fully to either end of the tape as this could rip the tape from the spool.

Do you have old VHS-C video tapes stored in a closet? If you do, now is the time to transfer your video tapes to DVD or transfer the video tapes to a Mac or PC formatted hard drive.

VHS-C Tapes

An average Videotape will last approximately 8-10 years before it begins to degrade, tear or stretch. The colors fade and sometimes the picture is too poor to watch. Before that happens to your video tapes, transfer them to DVD. We transfer all consumer formats including VHS videotape, VHS-C videotape, 8MM videotape, Hi8 videotape, Digital 8 videotape, MiniDV videotape, and even the old Betamax videotape. We also convert foreign PAL and SECAM to the US standard NTSC or from NTSC to PAL and SECAM.

NOTE:  For more information about how video tapes and movies degrade over time and how to store your movies the click link below.

If you want to edit your digital transfer we can digitize your home movies to a "movie format" on a computer hard drive. Editing allows you to add titles, delete unwanted footage, insert transiitions, etc. to your home movies. When your editing is complete you can convert the movie files to a "DVD format" to be enjoyed on your TV or PC.

Feldman's Digital Transfer Services converts and transfers VHS, VHS-C, Beta or the newer 8mm or Digital 8 video tapes, and the movie formats shown below to DVD

The majority of our satisfied clients ship their video tapes to us via UPS or FedEx. Please call prior to shipping your photographic treasures.

If you prefer come in with your video treasures, please call 813-685-4343 - MONDAY TO FRIDAY from 10am-6pm EST for an appointment.

We promise to convert your memories with the utmost care!


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