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Video Converted to DVD
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Digital 8, Hi-8 and Video 8

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8mm Video Transferred To DVD Or Movie Format

Amateur videographers used the 8mm camcorder and loved the convenience of the video cassette formats . These were the original analog and digital successors, known as Hi-8 and Digital 8. Many professionals found this a more convenient system as well.

One of the first Video 8 cameras was developed by Sony known as the Handycam in 1985. Conveniently smaller than the VHS and Betamax versions of camera, Video 8 soared into popularity.

The three types of cameras, the Video8, Hi-8 and the Digital 8 camcorders featured much the same tape width and similar cassette case. However, the quality remained the primary difference in the encoding of the image onto the film.

One of the first to be developed was the Video8 and was completely analog in format. Originally the 12mm Betamax format was used, but quickly followed was the smaller version in an 8mm tape width. The technology was similar and utilized the U-shape loading technique. Compact camcorders where finally introduced by the competitors using a smaller VHS-C camera. Then the Hi-8 was introduced with an improved resolution and analog capability. This equipment could also record digital stereo PCM audio on a separate track.

Most recently used is the Digital8. The cassette shell is physically the same as originally used and can be recorded onto Video8 or Hi-8 cassettes (but, this method is not recommended). The encoding on the video is in a digital DV format and completely different than that of analog Video8 and Hi-8 systems. Actually, most Digital8 camcorders made available analog sound for Video8 and Hi-8, but this was in the playback feature only.

The cassettes in all three types of film cases shared similar attributes such as the 8mm wide magnetic tape width and length were wound on two spools with a standard recording time of approximately 180 minutes for PAL and 120 minutes for NTSC.

The Video8 system used a helical-scan head drum in which to read and record. This drum pulled the tape along at a speed of approximately 1,500 or 3,000 rpm for PAL and 1,800 or 3,600 rpm for NTSC.
Like most precious things, all of these types of tapes will begin to deteriorate. The quality of the film will degrade, tear or stretch. Most video tapes will last about 8 to 10 years before they begin to oxidize. We recommend transferring your movies to a MAC or PC formatted Hard Drive or DVD before your videos degrade.

Hi-8 Video Tape

Don’t let the colors of your film begin to fade or the picture quality becomes lost. Transfer your memories to DVD. We can transfer all formats including 8mm, Hi-8, Digital8, MiniDV, VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, PAL and SECAM to the US standard NTSC, or from NTSC to PAL and SECAM.

You too can become a movie editor once your film has been digitized onto a portable Hard Drive. You can add titles, delete unwanted footage and add movie-like transitions to your new movie format. Your new movie can then be easily transferred to a DVD and viewed on your personal computer or television.

NOTE:  For more information about how video tapes and movies degrade over time and how to store your movies check our "How to Store and Care for Video Tapes" Click here.

Would you like to edit your digital transfer?

If you want to edit your digital transfer we will digitize your home movie to a "movie format" on a computer hard drive (editing allows you to add titles, delete unwanted footage, etc. to your home movies. When your editing is completed we can convert the hard drive to the "DVD format" to be enjoyed on your TV or PC.

Feldman's Digital Transfer Services converts and transfers the following movie formats shown below to DVD.

To see photos of the different video formats, click here


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